Shot Peening

What Is Shot Peening ?

Shot peening  it is a cold work process which is use for  finishing metal parts to prevent fatigue and stress corrosion failures and prolong product life for the part. This method is also considered to be the most effective and economical way to induce residual compressive stresses in the finished product. It is a  specially developed process to improve the properties of components which are exposed to changing strains. For safety reasons, shot peening is  now absolutely necessary in the aviation and space industries. It is important in all industries requiring long lives for components.

What are the Advantages of Shot Peening ?

    • It enrich fatigue strength and durability of the material. It has a high processing quality
    • It is being well established in the industry and also use to upgrade the properties of components which are exposed to changing strains.
    • It can reduce the number of casting defects that initiate the fatigue cracks near the surface.
    • It also improves the performance of parts like stress corrosion cracking resistance and fatigue resistance.

What are the Applications of Shot Peening ?

It has a huge spread application in the field of transport industry ranging from automobile parts up to the aircrafts parts. The automotive parts includes application such as axies,gears,shafts,automobile wheel rims, railway coach wheels etc where as aircrafts parts includes application such as structural parts, landing gears, engine parts etc. Peening also find applications in other special applications such as forming of the aircraft skins.

How Can We Help You?

    • Why invest valuable time and money in machinery and training when our expertise is available at affordable price.
    • We have over 10 years of experience shot peening wide range of components like gears, crank shafts, propeller blades and
    • We follow latest international standard in Shot peening AMS 2430. We have calibrated gages, imported Almen strips and use AMS grade peening media like Steel shots, Ceramic shots, and Glass beads.
    • Our facility is ISO certified, we use standard procedures and control plans for every unique job. We have regular in house operator training to maintain skill and competency of the shot peening machine operators.

Types of Jobs ?

Component: Aircraft propeller blade on Face and Camber

Advantages: Stress corrosion resistance, resistance to fatigue failure.

Component: Compressor crank Shaft radii

Advantages: Induce compressive stress to improve fatigue failure.​

Component: Crankshaft gear, Pinions

Advantage: Resistance to fatigue failure, stress corrosion resistance, lubrication​

Components: PE granules transportation pipes

Advantages: Increase in flow rate, prevention of Angel hair formation, prevention of classifier choking,​

Components: Collars

Advantages: Anti galling, stress corrosion resistance, resistance to fatigue failure.​

Component: Centre shaft of Roll assy (5mtrs long)

Advantages: Resistance to fatigue failure​