Fluorescent Tools


Fluorescent Tools to check Coverage


Peenscan Pens provide a convenient method for applying a thin coating of tracer fluid to very specific areas of a part without the need for masking. This has proven useful during initial engineering set-up of a part for short peening as well as for monitoring critical areas ( gear teeth, etc.) during production shot peening. It is available with two fluorescent tracer fluids and selection of the appropriate  fluid is dependent on the hardness of the metal and the intensity of the shot peening process. The Peenscan 220-2 pen should be used for softer base metals, softer shot and lower peening intensities. The 220-6 pen should be used for harder base metals, harder shot and higher peening intensities. Minimum order: 1 box=6 pieces

750 200

(Peenscan 220-2)

750 210

(Peenscan 220-6)

Fluoro-Finder III(DRY), has a pigment which fluoresces under ultraviolet light making the determination of the degree or percentage of coverage quick, easy and foolproof. Use of this tracer eliminates the need for 200-percent coverage in order to be assured of complete peening. In order to save on shipping costs this item is shipped in powder form. Must be mixed by user. It must be mixed with one point of methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) BY THE USER BEFORE USE. Packaging : One Pint (473.2 ml cans)

750 300

(1 pint can)

750 210

(Peenscan 220-6)