Blast Cleaning

What is Blast Cleaning?

Blast cleaning process is one of the ancient processes used. It uses different media for cleaning of a surface. The sources used in the process are blasted on the surface with a certain pressure to get extinguish of the debris. The sources projected onto the surface usually removes the dust or other materials from the surface. It can either smooth the surface or it can even roughen it by applying shot blasting. It is used to clean, strengthen and polish the surface. It is used in many industries such as- aerospace, automotive, foundry, shipbuilding, construction and many others. The size of the machine that is to be chosen is to be based on the type of project you are dealing with.

What are the Advantages of Blast Cleaning?

·        The process of blasting cleaning is quite easy and quick.
·        It just requires a compressor, a blasting pot, and a nozzle.
·        This process can be used for every material for the purpose of cleaning.
·        This process helps in removing all rust, corrosion, mill scale.
·        It helps in eliminating the moisture which is entangled beneath these corrosion products.

What are the Applications Of Blast Cleaning?

Blasting cleaning is used to clean the surfaces of metallic industrial parts and process tools. In procedures like descaling, desanding and derusting, blast cleaning remove layers of foreign material from metallic substrates. For deburring and deflashing, blast cleaning remove excess surface material from machined or constructed parts. The quality of the blasting media has a analytical  impact on the efficiency of cleaning and the surface roughness of the treated parts.

How we can HELP you?

  • We have a large range of machineries which includes blast rooms sized 6mtrsX4mtrs to carry out shot/grit blasting of your components.
  • We have enthusiastic chamber for nonferrous surface to avoid contamination.
  • We have calibrated gages like DFT gage, Surface temperature gage, dry wet thermo hydro meter, Profile gage, holiday tester, Press-o-film etc. for quality control.
  • We grant test reports and certificate of compliance with the job.
We have used virtually every blasting sources on every surface like MS, SS, Brass, Aluminium, Resin,Wood etc.