Wheel Peening

What is Wheel Peening Process?

Wheel peening machines are the machines use for providing cost effective and highly productive solutions to meet a variety of surface preparation requirements.  Wheel peening machines are formed specifically for economical and productive descaling, surface finishing, trimming and profiling of parts up to 8-inches in height.It is an proven process created to enhance the fatigue strength of components which are subjected fluctuating load. It helps in strengthening lighter components which, optimized for weight and cost/benefit, can be loaded up to the limits of their properties.
Wheel Peening systems deliver trustworthy process-safe treatment of work pieces of all geometries, sizes and qualities. The systems are adaptable, and so offer long term investment security if process or product. Wheel Peening  is use for increasing  the fatigue strength of components subject to high alternating stress.

What are the advantages of Wheel Peening?

  1. It has broadly replaced other time-consuming and costly processes.
  2. It enable the depiction of light weight and lower cost.
  3. Indexing table type Wheel Peening Machine are particularly used to cater the elements of different industries

What are the applications of Wheel Peening?

Aerospace Industry, Medical Industry, Automobile & Vehicle Manufacturing Industries are the industries on which Wheel Peening Process is done. Normally  these jobs includes Blades, Gears, Engine Pistons, transmission Shafts, Medical Instruments etc.