Ultrasonic Impact Treatment

What is Ultrasonic Impact Treatment Process?

Ultrasonic impact treatment or (UIT) is a metallurgical processing technique, in which ultrasonic energy is practiced on a metal object. In Ultrasonic Impact Treatment Process, ultrasonic waves are generated by an electro-mechanical ultrasonic transducer, and enforced to a workpiece. It is a cold mechanical treatment that involves striking the weld toe with a needle to create an amplification of its radius and to originate residual compressive stresses. The formation of superficial compression, by peening, due to the impact of the needles on the material also makes it possible to improve the resistance for stress corrosion cracking.

What are the advantages of Ultrasonic treatment?

  • The metal improvement at the surface support to avoid fatigue failure, thereby continuing the applicable life of the component and considerably reducing replacement and repair expense.
  • It reduces the amount of medias, energy, intensity and compressed air used.
  • Ultrasonic impact treatment  can be applied faster and more suitable than other metal improvement techniques through its patented ultrasonic impact tool.