Protective Coating

What is Protective Coating?

A protective coating is a layer of material which is applied on the surface of another material with the intent of inhibiting or preventing corrosion. A protective coating is a process of application of coating system through conventional air spray or Airless spray machine to protect the surface from corrosion. Protective coating can be used for many other purposes besides corrosion prevention.

What are the Advantages of Protective Coating?

  • Protective coatings provide a hygienic anti-bacterial coating to surfaces.
  • Protective coatings provide savings on heating and cooling.
  • They have better temperature control.
  • Because of Protective coating Allergens, Bugs, and Moisture are reduced.

What are the Applications Of Protective Coating?

  • Protective coatings are frequently utilized for the purpose of protecting composite and metal and alloy surfaces against environmental attack.
  • Protective coating especially for outside application is substantial against environmental influences.
    1. Quality of the application relies of several factors
    2. Design for Coating
    3. Surface preparation
    4. Coating application
    5. Inspection

How we can HELP you?

  • We have huge range of latest machinery such as single component, plural component, Internal coating machine and water jet cleaning.
  • We have used huge range of paints – PU, Food grade epoxy, glass flake of different paint manufacturers like Jotun, Hempel, Carboline, Asian Paints etc.
  • We have expertise in application of Internal coating of pipe IDs up to 4″.
  • We have successfully accomplished our projects of various sizes in various places around India.
  • We can carried out small quantity in our facility in Mumbai or Vasai