Propeller Blade

Product Description

Propeller Blade consist one of two or more plates that is radiating out from the hub of a propeller and are usually twisted to form part of a helical surface. It is a type of a fan which transmits the power by transforming rotational motion into thrust. Propellers transform engine horsepower into thrust by accelerating air and generating a low-pressure differential in front of the propeller. When your prop is spinning, you’re being pulled forward because air naturally moves from high to low- pressure. In propeller, each blade is composed of collective parallel phase-encoded lines that can be collected using fast spin echo or gradient echo techniques.

What are the Benefits?

  • Propeller can be drive slower for any given power, making it quieter.
  • More powerful engine can be use for any given propeller rpm.
  • They have better strength and durability.
  • They also has better holding power in rough seas.