Flap Peening

What is Flap Peening?

Flap Peening is also known as  Roto-Peening or Flapper Peening or Rotary Flap Peening. It is a portable shot peening procedure, suitable for the confine treatment of small and difficult-to-access areas. It is mainly used by maintenance and repair professionals for aircraft and helicopters, because it permits a shot peening treatment directly on the area to be treated, without seperating the part. Flap peening can also be done in the field, making the time-consuming and expensive disassembly and transportation of elements unessential.

What are the advantages of Flap Peening?

  1. It develops the material properties.
  2. It allocates convenient portability and are especially productive for precision in service rework.
  3. It can also be cut with scissors to part confined areas or part into areas, and peening holes with a radius down to 1/16 “(1.6mm).
  4. The greatest benefit of flap peeningis the improvement of fatigue life of the metal part.
  5. It has a high processing quality.