FutureReady Technology Superior constructs fusion bonded epoxy covering on steel pipes in diameter ranges from upto 25 mm to 3000 mm. This covering provides wonderful corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and resistance to cathodic disbondment.
Fusion-bonded epoxy (FBE) coverings are thermoset thickening layers of epoxy resin used on steel pipes using an electrostatic procedure, which secures them against corrosion. Fusion-bonded epoxy coatings are famous for their anti-corrosion properties towards a huge temperature range. The fusion bonded epoxy has a superior bonding with the blasted steel surface.


Fusion bonded epoxy coated pipes are manufactured according the following standards:
  • CSA Z245.20
  • AWWA C 213
  • IS 3589 Annex C
  • ISO 21809-2


Corrosion Resistance:
  • The FBE Coating forbid steel pipe from corrosion.
  • The superior chemical resistance properties and resistance to cathodic disbondment.
High Bond Strength:
  • The FBE covering is suited solidly to the mild steel pipe surface and the mean holding strength is 125 kg/cm² (ASTM D 4541).
Long Working Life:
  • Pipe has constant accomplishment  characteristics throughout the life cycle. More than 75 years is the service life.
Customized Solutions:
  • BE coating can be used from diameters range upto 25 mm to 3000 mm with lengths of up to 12m.
Environment Friendly:
  • FBE coating are used in powder form. There is no need for resin hardener.


In corrosion protective coatings FBE coating is an industry. It is environmentally-safe thermo setting polymer coating which is applied as corrosion protection for pipe valves and fittings. The conventional coating application temperatures are usually in the range of 180° C to 250° C (360° F to 480° F). When the FBE is used to the pre-heated pipe with the help of electrostatic spraying machine, the FBE film wets and flows onto the steel surface and directly becomes a solid coating by chemical cross-linking.
FBE coated steel pipes are used in the following applications where the pipes are either buried or submerged:
  • Drinking water pipelines.
  • Oil and gas pipelines.
  • In plant process water applications.


  • Diameter range 25 mm to 3000 mm.
  • Pipe length 6 m to 12 m.
  • Operating temperature range -40o C to 100o C.
  • Coating thickness Maximum up to 750 microns.