Why a Consultancy?

We at FutureReady Technologies want our customers to be ready for the future in today’s competitive technology compelled market. Though, Selection of the correct equipment and procedure is not only about getting usually right quality but also about best cost. So, We are well enlightened that shot peening if done incorrectly can be harmful to the component and machine as well.
  1. We are ISO certified specialist  with experience over 15 years  in wide range of applications.
  2. Probably we have the only FAA approved course certified engineer providing shot peening in India since 10 years.
  3. The machines we have are equipped with latest electronic controls, and progressive  gags to make secure process and quality control.
  4. We would like to expand our knowledge to help you embellish your components through shot peening, blast cleaning and Protective coating.

What are the Benefits?

We will uphold you to make the decisions that are not only correct but also the superior for your specific requirement. Meanwhile, Due to our many years hands on experience in shot peening we know where it pains and so we can avail you with answers that will shorten your learning curve and take your growth curve to greater heights.

How can we HELP you?

  1. Consultancy for shot peening:  We support consultancy for setting up shot peening facility, machine selection, gags, process validation and training on international standards and shot peening procedures. So, We can examine shot peening with different intensities on your component and test the component for residual stress values for validating the shot peening process.
  2. Consultancy for blasting Cleaning:  We avails consultancy for setting up of blast cleaning facility, machine selection, gags, as well as training on international cleaning standards and procedures.
  3. Training:  Regular training of workmen is important part of improving productivity. We supply training on topics like Machine maintenance, Quality control, measuring system analysis for operators, and supervisors
  4. R&D:  We can endeavor our facility for carrying out trials of numerous procedures through our huge range of appliances.

How we can HELP you?

  • We have a large range of machineries which includes blast rooms sized 6mtrsX4mtrs to carry out shot/grit blasting of your components.
  • We have enthusiastic chamber for nonferrous surface to avoid contamination.
  • We have calibrated gages like DFT gage, Surface temperature gage, dry wet thermo hydro meter, Profile gage, holiday tester, Press-o-film etc. for quality control.
  • We grant test reports and certificate of compliance with the job.
We have used virtually every blasting sources on every surface like MS, SS, Brass, Aluminium, Resin,Wood etc.